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Issue #95

▪️  Application Discovery Service new actions to remove servers, data collectors and imports
▪️  AppStream 2.0 multi-session fleets for Windows Server OS
▪️  Aurora MySQL
      ▫️  3.04 as long-term support (LTS) release
      ▫️  3.05 (compatible with MySQL 8.0.32) is generally available
      ▫️  optimizations that reduce the database restart time by up to 65%
▪️  Aurora PostgreSQL
      ▫️  15.4, 14.9, 13.12, 12.16, and 11.21 versions
      ▫️  federated query to MySQL and MariaDB databases
      ▫️  pgvector v0.5.0 with HNSW indexing
      ▫️  query plans on replica instances with query plan management
▪️  Cloud WAN Tunnel-less to enable high-performant global SD-WANs
▪️  CodePipeline
      ▫️  parameterized pipelines
      ▫️  triggering on git tags
▪️  Config +19 new resource types
▪️  Console Mobile better sign-in UX for iOS App
▪️  EC2
      ▫️  +2 new sizes I4i.12xlarge and I4i.24xlarge
      ▫️  Hibernate +20 additional instance families on EC2 Spot
      ▫️  M2 Mac instances for macOS | GA
      ▫️  Multi-VPC ENI Attachments
▪️  ECS increases applications resiliency to unpredictable load spikes
▪️  EKS
      ▫️  customer managed IAM policies
      ▫️  modification of cluster subnets and security groups
▪️  Entity Resolution data protection capabilities
▪️  FinSpace
      ▫️  Managed kdb Insights +5 regions
      ▫️  Managed kdb Insights adds more historical database cache options
▪️  Glue example jobs, drag-and-drop, and a preview-first layout
▪️  IoT Core Credential Provider supports VPC endpoints
▪️  IoT ExpressLink Technical Specification v1.2 with BLE connectivity
▪️  IVS audio-only pricing for Real-Time Streaming
▪️  Kendra feature to collapse and expand query results
▪️  Marketplace enhanced private offer UX for sellers
▪️  MemoryDB Graviton3-based R7g nodes
▪️  Migration Hub ability to change the AWS Region used to store migration data
▪️  Network Firewall egress TLS inspection in 2 regions
▪️  Neuron Llama-2 70b model and PyTorch 2.0
▪️  OpenSearch Serverless automated time-based data deletion
▪️  OpenSearch Service
      ▫️  efficient vector query filters for FAISS
      ▫️  now supports Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
▪️  RDS Blue/Green Deployments for Aurora and RDS PostgreSQL
▪️  RDS Custom for SQL Server M6i and R6i instances
▪️  RDS for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB M7g, R7g DB instances in additional regions
▪️  RDS for SQL Server minor version 2019 CU22
▪️  re:Post introduces Selections
▪️  SageMaker Feature Store Build ML feature pipelines from custom data sources
▪️  Security Lake +4 Regions
▪️  SNS
      ▫️  in-place message archiving and replay for FIFO topics
      ▫️  message data protection with custom data identifiers
▪️  SQS increased throughput quota for FIFO High Throughput mode
▪️  Systems Manager OpsCenter deletion of operational issues
▪️  Systems Manager Patch Manager additional MacOS and Linux versions
▪️  Transfer Family Basic authentication for outbound AS2 messages
▪️  User Notifications is now available in Israel Region
▪️  X-Ray W3C format trace IDs for distributed tracing