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Issue #97

▪️  Application Discovery Service communication through network proxy
▪️  Application Migration Service App2Container Replatforming
▪️  Audit Manager framework for generative AI on Amazon Bedrock
▪️  Batch array jobs now support array size environment variable
▪️  CloudFormation faster stack sets deployments with ConcurrencyMode
▪️  CloudFront unified security dashboard
▪️  CloudWatch Container Insights enhanced observability for EKS
▪️  CodeBuild Lambda compute
▪️  Comprehend new trust and safety features
▪️  Config inventory and compliance dashboards
▪️  Connect
      ▫️  persistent chat experiences
      ▫️  prompts configuration page provides CloudTrail coverage
      ▫️  reduces outbound telephony pricing across Europe
      ▫️  reduces telephony pricing across South America
      ▫️  Representative Numbers in South Korea
▪️  Control Tower tagging for controls enabled in AWS Control Tower
▪️  Cost Management recommendations for MemoryDB Reserved Nodes
▪️  Data Lifecycle Manager pre-/post-script automation of EBS Snapshots
▪️  Device Farm upgraded test environment for Android Devices
▪️  EC2 Image Builder Amazon Linux 2023 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
▪️  EC2 shared Windows AMIs users enable faster launching
▪️  EKS Anywhere self-service Enterprise Subscription purchases
▪️  ElastiCache network-optimized C7gn Graviton3-based nodes
▪️  Elastic Block Store Block Public Access for EBS Snapshots
▪️  EventBridge +20 CloudWatch Metrics for event buses
▪️  Fargate now enables Amazon ECS tasks to selectively leverage SOCI
▪️  Fault Injection Simulator scenarios and scheduled experiments
▪️  Glue Studio Visual interactive data previews
▪️  GuardDuty new ML threat detection for EKS
▪️  Health
      ▫️  improved visibility into planned lifecycle events
      ▫️  integration via Service Management Connector for ServiceNow
▪️  IoT SiteWise Edge Extended Protocol Support through EasyEdge
▪️  Kinesis Video Streams WebRTC Ingestion | GA
▪️  Lambda
      ▫️  enhances auto scaling for Kafka event sources
      ▫️  faster polling scale-up rate for SQS as an event source
      ▫️  support for Amazon Linux 2023
      ▫️  troubleshoot errors and timeoutes during Init and Restore phase
▪️  Launch Wizard Deploy SAP applications programmatically
▪️  Lex Selective Conversation Log Capture for Lex V2
▪️  MSK too many partitions check in Trusted Advisor
▪️  MWAA Apache Airflow version 2.7 and deferrable operators
▪️  NICE DCV WebAuthn redirection in v2023.1
▪️  OpenSearch Service introduces Neural Search
▪️  Partner Central News and Events Feature
▪️  QuickSight launches FLOAT data type support for SPICE datasets
▪️  RDS
      ▫️  Aurora MySQL  zero-ETL integration with Redshift | GA
      ▫️  Aurora PostgreSQL Optimized Reads
      ▫️  Aurora Global Database for PostgreSQL write forwarding
      ▫️  Database Activity Streams Kinesis data streams in on-demand mode
      ▫️  MySQL delivers up to 3X higher write throughput at no additional charge
      ▫️  Oracle now supports Oracle Multitenant
      ▫️  MySQL and MariaDB Optimized Writes M5 database instances
      ▫️  Performance Insights supports exporting dashboards to CloudWatch
▪️  RDS Proxy PostgreSQL Extended Query Protocol
▪️  RDS Proxy RDS Multi-AZ Deployments with two readable standbys
▪️  Redshift MaxRPU, a new compute cost control setting for Redshift Serverless
▪️  Resilience Hub next generation Resiliency Scores
▪️  SageMaker Canvas Build ML models w/ advanced configurations, gain Model Leaderboard visibility
▪️  Service Management Connector Health/OpsCenter integrations in Jira Cloud
▪️  SES 60 days of metric history in Virtual Deliverability Manager
▪️  SNS increases default FIFO topic throughput by 10x to 3,000 MPS
▪️  SQS
      ▫️  EventBridge Pipes console integration
      ▫️  support for JSON protocol