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Issue #98

▪️  Amplify Hosting wildcard subdomains
▪️  Amplify JavaScript v6 | GA
▪️  AppSync new metrics for monitoring of real-time GraphQL subscriptions
▪️  Athena
      ▫️ cost-based optimizer to enhance query performance
      ▫️ new JDBC driver
▪️  Audit Manager GRC integration with MetricStream
▪️  Aurora  PostgreSQL 16.0 | Preview
▪️  Backup  jobs dashboard new UX
▪️  Bedrock
      ▫️ Cohere’s Command Light, Embed English, and multilingual models
      ▫️ Llama 2 Chat 13B foundation model from Meta
      ▫️ PartyRock playground
▪️  Braket parametric circuits to speed up variational algorithms
▪️  Chatbot customizable action buttons
▪️  Clean Rooms configurability for collaboration payment
▪️  CloudFormation simplifies resource import for ChangeSets
▪️  Cloud Map CloudTrail data events
▪️  CloudTrail Lake
      ▫️ +CloudTrail Insights
      ▫️ new pricing option optimized for flexible retention
▪️  CloudWatch
      ▫️ Application Insights monitor SAP Sybase ASE db
      ▫️ Logs Insights multiple stats query command
      ▫️ Logs Live Tail regex filter pattern
      ▫️ Metrics monitors EBS volume I/O  health
▪️  CodeCatalyst
      ▫️ now supports Terraform
      ▫️ single sign-on with IAM Identity Center
      ▫️ Teams
      ▫️ VPC Support
▪️  Compute Optimizer +24 EC2 instance types and +7 regions
▪️  Connect
      ▫️ Contact Lens conversational analytics dashboard
      ▫️ pre-built queue performance dashboard
      ▫️ quick responses for contact center agents engaged in chats
      ▫️ scanning of attachments for malware
      ▫️ updated hours of operation UI with CloudTrail support
      ▫️ visibility and management of applied quotas using Service Quotas
▪️  Cost Explorer more historical and granular data
▪️  Cost Management AppRegistry resource tags
▪️  DLM automate application-consistent EBS snapshots for SAP HANA DBs
▪️  DMS Timestream as a target
▪️  EBS
      ▫️ default policies to backup EC2 instances and volumes
      ▫️ Snapshot Lock to protect snapshots from inadvertent or malicious deletions
▪️  EC2
      ▫️ Auto Scaling instance replacement greater control
      ▫️ C6in, M6in, M6idn, R6in, R6idn higher EBS-optimized performance
      ▫️ DL2q instances | GA
      ▫️ Instance Topology API for relative proximity ML/HPC workloads
      ▫️ Launch templates ENA Express
▪️  ECR
      ▫️ pull through cache now supports additional upstream registries
      ▫️ initial configuration for pull through cache repositories | Preview
▪️  ECS idempotency for task launches
▪️  ElastiCache for Redis v7.1 | GA
▪️  Elastic Load Balancing IAM condition keys for encryption and access controls
▪️  EMR enforce fine-grained access control
▪️  EMR Studio interactive query editor powered by Athena
▪️  EventBridge EventBus read-only API events from CloudTrail
▪️  EventBridge Pipes new logging functionality for improved observability
▪️  Fargate Graviton2 Processors available in all AWS Regions
▪️  FSx for Lustre adjust the throughput tier of your file systems
▪️  FSx for OpenZFS new performance metrics and monitoring dashboard
▪️  GameLift Expanded Support for Unity
▪️  Glue +6 DBs native connectivity
▪️  Glue for Apache Spark native connectivity for OpenSearch Service
▪️  Glue Data Catalog
      ▫️ automatic compaction for Apache Iceberg tables
      ▫️ generating column-level statistics
▪️  Ground Station Wideband Digital Intermediate Frequency to Oregon, Ohio, and Dubbo
▪️  IAM Identity Center
      ▫️ MFA is on by default
      ▫️ new account instance for faster evaluation/adoption of AWS managed apps
      ▫️ new APIs to automate access to applications
▪️  IAM organization-wide condition keys to restrict service-to-service requests
▪️  Integrated Application Test Kit Python | Preview
▪️  IoT Device Defender export of Detect metrics to other services
▪️  IoT Device Management indexing and querying device location
▪️  IVS server-side composition
▪️  Keyspaces frozen collections
▪️  Lambda
      ▫️ failed-event destinations for Kafka event source mappings
      ▫️ IAM access control for multi-VPC enabled MSK clusters
      ▫️ Java 21 runtime
      ▫️ Node.js 20 runtime
      ▫️ runtime management controls +6 regions
      ▫️ search, filter, and aggregate function logs
      ▫️ single pane view of metrics, logs, and traces
      ▫️ view and export the function’s template to Application Composer
▪️  Local Zone +Dallas, Texas
▪️  Managed Grafana community plugins
▪️  Managed Microsoft AD One Identity Active Roles
▪️  Managed Services Accelerate EKS workloads
▪️  Marketplace new payment options & flexible payment scheduler
▪️  Microservice Extractor simplifies porting of large .NET applications to Linux
▪️  MSK
      ▫️ extends IAM support to all programming languages for new clusters
      ▫️ storage capacity alerts
      ▫️ v3.6.0 with Tiered Storage
▪️  MSK Serverless support "all" programming languages
▪️  MWAA shared VPC support via customer managed endpoints
▪️  OpenSearch Ingestion
      ▫️ migrating your ElasticSearch indexes to Amazon OpenSearch Service
      ▫️ persistent buffering
▪️  OpenSearch Service
      ▫️ hybrid query score normalization
      ▫️ Neural Sparse Retrieval
▪️  Open Source Research and Engineering Studio  | repo
▪️  Partner Central
      ▫️ enhanced Analytics Dashboard
      ▫️ enhanced co-sell experience
      ▫️ Marketplace account and product linking
      ▫️ new UX build and promote your offerings
      ▫️ self-guided Software Path experience
▪️  Pinpoint
      ▫️ new SMS management capabilities for developers
      ▫️ programmatically create and manage SMS phone numbers
▪️  Polly long-form engine with the first three expressive American English voices
▪️  QuickSight
      ▫️ custom access to capabilities based on roles
      ▫️ Custom Time Zone
      ▫️ Custom Week Start
      ▫️ programmatic user access management by assigning groups to roles
      ▫️ shared restricted folders and a folder Contributor role to govern asset sharing
▪️  RDS Custom for SQL Server
      ▫️ extends Point in Time Recovery support for up to 1K databases
      ▫️ Service Master Key Retention and TDE
      ▫️ support Developer Edition
▪️  RDS for MySQL
      ▫️ Group Replication plugin for active-active replication
      ▫️ Innovation Release version 8.1
      ▫️ upgrade 5.7 snapshots to 8.0
▪️  RDS for SQL Server version 2022
▪️  RDS Multi-AZ 2-readable standbys - minor version upgrades with 1 second of downtime
▪️  Redshift support for CNAME
▪️  Resource Explorer
      ▫️ +86 resource types
      ▫️ multi-account resource search
▪️  S3 Storage Lens
      ▫️ groups
      ▫️ aggregates activity and status code metrics by prefix
▪️  SageMaker Studio automated user setup with IAM Identity Center
▪️  SNS additional message filtering operators, suffix and case-insensitive matching
▪️  SQS logging data events in CloudTrail
▪️  Step Functions restarting workflows from failure
▪️  Supply Chain
      ▫️ Demand Planning up to 3x faster forecasting and 75% lower UI latency
      ▫️ Work Order Insights
▪️  Systems Manager
      ▫️ Automation loops, type transformations, and more
      ▫️ status updates for operational issues, change requests to EventBridge
▪️  Time Sync Service microsecond-accurate time
▪️  Transcribe automatic language identification for multi-lingual real-time audio streams
▪️  Transfer Family
      ▫️ alternate port for SFTP servers
      ▫️  expands logical directories limit
▪️  Trusted Advisor
      ▫️ +37 RDS checks
      ▫️ new APIs
▪️  Verified Access Policy Assistant
▪️  VPC IP Address Manager
      ▫️ allows you to Bring Your Own ASN to AWS
      ▫️ automates IP address assignments for VPC subnets
      ▫️ free features tier, including AWS Organization-wide Public IP Insights
▪️  VPC
      ▫️ IPv6 tiered VPCs and subnets
      ▫️ more sizes for IPv6 CIDRs
▪️  Web Application Firewall new dashboards
▪️  Wickr guest users access
▪️  WorkSpaces self-service diagnostic log uploads