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re:Invent 2023 - Day 0

▪️  AMB serverless access to Polygon blockchain | Preview
▪️  Analytics IAM Identity Center
▪️  Application Load Balancer
      ▫️  authenticate with X.509 certificate based identities with Mutual TLS support
      ▫️  Automatic Target Weights
▪️  AWS re:Post Private | GA
▪️  Billing and Cost Management
      ▫️  Cost Optimization Hub
      ▫️  Data Exports
      ▫️  Unified Console
▪️  CloudFormation Git management of stacks
▪️  CloudTrail Lake zero-ETL analysis in Amazon Athena
▪️  CloudWatch
      ▫️  AI-powered natural language query generation | Preview
      ▫️  hybrid and multicloud metrics querying and alarming
▪️  CloudWatch Logs
      ▫️  Anomaly Detection and Pattern analysis
      ▫️  Infrequent Access log class
▪️  CodeWhisperer new enhancements
▪️  Compute Optimizer customizable rightsizing recommendations for EC2 Instances
▪️  Config
      ▫️  generative AI-powered natural language querying | Preview
      ▫️  periodic recording: Efficiently scale your change tracking
▪️  Console-to-Code generate code for console actions | Preview
▪️  Control Tower automate landing zone operations using APIs
▪️  Cost and Usage Dashboard now powered by QuickSight
▪️  Descriptive Bot Builder Generative AI
▪️  Detective
      ▫️  finding group summaries using generative AI
      ▫️  investigations for IAM
      ▫️  log retrieval from Security Lake
      ▫️  security investigations for GuardDuty ECS Runtime Monitoring
▪️  EC2 High Memory U7i instances | Preview
▪️  EFS Archive new storage class
▪️  EFS  up to 250,000 IOPS per file system
▪️  EKS EKS Pod Identity
▪️  ENA Express supports 58 new instances with sizes as small as 16 vCPUs
▪️  EventBridge partner integrations with Adobe and Stripe
▪️  Entity Resolution  HIPAA eligible
▪️  FreeRTOS roadmap and code contribution process now published on freertos.org
▪️  Free Tier GetFreeTierUsage API
▪️  FSx for NetApp ONTAP scale-out file systems
▪️  FSx for ONTAP creating Multi-AZ file systems in Shared VPC participant accounts
▪️  FSx for ONTAP manage and back up FlexGroup volumes using the Console and API
▪️  FSx for OpenZFS on-demand data replication across file systems
▪️  Glue Data Quality anomaly detection and dynamic rules
▪️  GuardDuty EC2 runtime monitoring  | Preview
▪️  GuardDuty ECS Runtime Monitoring (with Fargate)
▪️  https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2023/11/assisted-slot-resolution-generative-ai/
▪️  IAM Access Analyzer
      ▫️  custom policy checks powered by automated reasoning
      ▫️  inspecting unused access to guide you toward least privilege
▪️  Inspector expands Lambda code scanning with gen-AI powered remediation
▪️  IoT FleetWise vision system data | Preview
▪️  IoT SiteWise Edge Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace | Preview
▪️  Lex
      ▫️  Assisted Slot Resolution with Generative AI
      ▫️  Conversational FAQ with generative AI | Preview
▪️  Lex utterance generation
▪️  Monitron Ex-rated sensors for hazardous locations
▪️  PartyRock New Discover Apps page
▪️  Personalize
      ▫️  increase brand loyalty with Next Best Action
      ▫️  now creates themes for recommendations using generative AI
▪️  Prometheus EKS agentless collector
▪️  Redshift
      ▫️  extended Create Table As Select (CTAS) support
      ▫️  multi-data warehouse writes through data sharing | Preview
      ▫️  ML large language models support | Preview
▪️  S3 Access Grants integrate with identity providers
▪️  Secrets Manager batch retrieval of secrets
▪️  Security Hub customize security controls
▪️  Step Functions
      ▫️  HTTPS endpoints and a new TestState API
      ▫️  optimized integration for Bedrock
▪️  Systems Manager Automation new low-code visual design experience
▪️  Transcribe Call Analytics generative call summarization | Preview
▪️  Transcribe support 100+ languages with foundation model
▪️  Well-Architected Tool Lens Catalog
▪️  WorkSpaces
      ▫️  Multi-Region Resilience launches one-way data replication
      ▫️  Thin Client | GA