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Issue #110

▪️ AMB CloudWatch usage metrics
▪️ AppFabric Cisco Duo and Terraform
▪️ Application Load Balancer one-click WAF integrations
▪️ AppSync env variables in GraphQL resolvers and functions
▪️ Bedrock look-and-feel
▪️ CloudFormation CDK app IaC generator for existing AWS resources
▪️ CloudWatch Synthetics NodeJS/Puppeteer 6.2/5.2 and Python/Selenium 2.1
▪️ CodeCatalyst SSO with JetBrains IDE
▪️ CodePipeline additional trigger filters and new execution modes
▪️ Connect agent schedules
▪️ Data Firehose formerly known as Kinesis Data Firehose
▪️ DataSync manifests for transferring a specific set of files
▪️ ECS Fargate price reduction for Windows containers
▪️ Elemental MediaConnect new CloudWatch metrics
▪️ Glue Data Catalog delegating KMS key permissions to an IAM role
▪️ GuardDuty Malware Protection scanning EBS managed key encrypted volumes
▪️ HealthOmics Ultima Genomics DeepVariant Ready2Run workflow
▪️ IoT Core Online Certificate Status Protocol Stapling for server certificates
▪️ Karpenter disruption controls
▪️ Marketplace Sellers access Tax documents in AWS Marketplace Management Portal
▪️ OpenSearch Service improved visibility into domain updates
▪️ RDS for Oracle January 2024 Release Update
▪️ Redshift
     ▫️ auto and incremental materialized views for data sharing consumer tables
     ▫️ programmatic access to Advisor recommendations via API
     ▫️ support for H3 Indexing and related spatial grid indexing functions
▪️ SQS Extended Client Library for Python for 2GB payloads
▪️ Transfer Family
     ▫️ EventBridge for AS2 servers and connectors
     ▫️ EventBridge for SFTP, FTPS, and FTP servers
     ▫️ publishes events to EventBridge for SFTP connectors
▪️ WAF Captcha improvements
▪️ WorkSpaces Web IdP-initiated SSO