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Issue #111

▪️   ACE multiple solution tagging
▪️   API Gateway TLS 1.3
▪️   AppStream 2.0
       ▫️  administrative controls for limiting clipboard
       ▫️  session scripts and Audio Out on multi-session fleets
▪️   AppSync +12 CloudWatch metrics
▪️   Batch private registry on ECS compute environments
▪️   CodeCatalyst pull request approval rules
▪️   Control Tower
       ▫️  Account Factory for Terraform
       ▫️  0register Organizational Units API
▪️   Data Firehose selecting a TZ for bucket prefixes
▪️   DocumentDB
       ▫️  maintenance notifications
       ▫️  text search
▪️   EMR on EC2 retrieval of 10,000 steps completed within last 7 days
▪️   GuardDuty Runtime Monitoring protects clusters running in shared VPC
▪️   Marketplace managing Private Marketplace catalogs for OU
▪️   MSK in-place version upgrades for Tiered Storage enabled clusters
▪️   OpenSearch Service
       ▫️  Serverless TLS 1.3 and perfect forward secrecy
       ▫️  update cluster volume without blue/green
▪️   Open Source  libraries and tools for Open Job Description
▪️   Polly Neural Turkish Voice: Burcu
▪️   RDS for Db2 audit logging
▪️   RDS for MySQL version 8.0.36
▪️   Redshift INTERVAL data type and Continue Handler statements in stored procedure
▪️   SimSpace Weaver Messaging API
▪️   Wickr try premium features for free